Give for a Common Purpose or Fund

Give for a common purpose or fund. 10 letters. Daily Mail UK crossword clue last seen on 16 Augustus 2017.


Give for a common purpose or fund

Money is collected at mosques, women’s groups and social gatherings, but also through appeals that run on TV and the internet. Many Norwegian Muslims also give money in the wake of natural disasters, for example the earthquake in Pakistan in 2005, or in connection with the war in Syria. Like many other people living in Norway, they wish to help people in need.

While it is difficult to estimate how much money Muslims in Norway donate to charitable causes each year, we do know that many do donate in various different ways, both as obligatory and voluntary almsgiving. They give for a common purpose: to help the poor and needy. This “religious tax” is paid in addition to ordinary Norwegian state taxes, and the money is earmarked for helping those who need it most.

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