Funeral vehicle

Funeral vehicle crossword clue. 6 letters on NewsMail Australia newspaper on May 8, 2017.

The answer is HEARSE

Others synonim is ENTOMB – INHUME.

A hearse is a large funeral vehicle used to carry a coffin/casket/urn from a church or funeral home to a cemetery. In the funeral trade, hearses are often called funeral coaches.

The name is derived, through the French herse, from the Latin herpex, which means a harrow. The funeral hearse was originally a wooden or metal framework, which stood over the bier or coffin and supported the pall. It was provided with numerous spikes to hold burning candles, and, owing to the resemblance of these spikes to the teeth of a harrow, was called a hearse. Later on, the word was applied, not only to the construction above the coffin, but to any receptacle in which the coffin was placed. Thus it came to denote the vehicle in which the dead are carried to the grave.

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