Formula Motor Race

Formula motor race crossword clue, 9 letters (5,4). The Courier-Mail daily big one crossword on Aug 15, 2017


Formula motor race

Lots of back and forth positioning ensued with only Stephany losing a car to Spin Out. It came down to the last play for each player. John went first since he had won the previous race. Given his remaining cards, he figured his best option was to play the Crash card but rolled a 12 to no effect. Stefany had the last card play. Robbie was currently in the lead, with Faith in second, Dominic in third, John in fourth and her only car in fifth. She threw caution to the wind and played the Charge or Out card. It had a 25% chance of disabling her car with each roll and she needed four rolls.

She passed the first roll and moved up to fourth. Encouraged, she passed the second roll and moved into third. Again she passed and moved into second. With shaking hands she passed the fourth roll and became the 2011 Formula Motor Race champion to claim her first WBC title. The final point totals were: Stafany 32, Faith 28, Robbie 26, John 25, Dominic 23, and Carolyn 21.

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