Fleshy, not Woody (of Plants)

Fleshy, not woody (of plants) crossword clue. A big crossword puzzle in The Courier-Mail newspaper on 6 Sep 2017. 10 letters

The solver: HERBACEOUS

Fleshy, not woody (of plants) example

This was purchased about two years ago, at a big box store as an unnamed succulent. It has since produced the smaller offshoot. The leaves turn yellow and snap off at the stem if I over water. The leaves grow in opposing pairs, with about 3/8″ between pairs of leaves. The mature leaves are almost as long as my index finger. The leaves have a narrower base and form a smooth widening curve to the tip. The leaves are slightly dished upwards, and have a crisp knife edge. They are fleshy but thin, not as turgid as jade leaves. The stem is fleshy, not woody. The pictured plant is in a 6″ pot.

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