Fixing to a Wall

Fixing to a wall crossword clue. A quick crossword in The Mail on Sunday puzzle question on 3 Sep 2017. 7 letters

The answer: NAILING

Fixing to a wall crossword clue in sentence

Yes, you certaily can. You just use those spring opening plugs which are designed for plasterboard walls – I got mine at B&Q. Just make sure that they’re not the smallest size ones.

The bracket that came with my panel had a multitude of holes in it for fixing to a wall and I think I used 8 of them. I did manage to get 1 screw into a vertical baton for more reassurance, but I doubt that it’s really nessecary. The plasma’s not actually that heavy really and because it’s weight is so close to the wall I don’t believe that you need to worry as much as you might think.

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