Firearm with Long Barrel

Firearm with long barrel. A big one crossword clue found in The courier-mail on Aug 18, 2017. 5 letters

The answer: RIFLE

Firearm with long barrel in sentences

Agents from the National Police seized 100 kilos of cocaine left behind in a vehicle by two subjects.
When the men saw the Police checkpoint at the Pan-American Highway, near the main road in David, they abandoned the vehicle and took off running.

Both subjects, who tried leaving the district in a cab, where arrested a few minutes later and handled by the authorities in the Drug Prosecutor’s Office, and an investigation process was started for drug trafficking. The National Police confirmed they recovered a 22 caliber firearm, with long barrel, and ten rounds with seven munitions, hidden in the backyard of a 50-year-old citizen in San Andres de Bugaba. (TVN)

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