Figure of Speech

Figure of Speech. Daily Telegraph Sydney Big One Crossword Clue on 4 May 2017.

The answer is TROPE.

A trope is simply a figure of speech. When using this literary device, you intend for the word or words to have a meaning that is different than the literal meaning. In other words, there is a shift from the literal meaning of a word or words to a non-literal meaning.

Types of Trope

There are many different types of tropes depending on how the meaning is changed. Here is a list of commonly used tropes with a description and examples of each.


This trope uses exaggeration to get its point across. Examples include:
He’s been here hundreds of times.
I’ll die from embarrassment.
She has tons of money.


With irony, a word or words are taken in the opposite way from their literal meaning. Examples:
I just love doing dishes.
Your explanation is clear as mud.
That cloth is as smooth as sandpaper.

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