Federal Labor Politician Crossword Clue

Federal Labor politician crossword clue. Australia Daily Telegraph newspaper quick clue puzzle on Monday 9 Oct 2017. 4 letters

The answer: UREN

Federal Labor politician crossword clue in sentence

Tom Uren, Federal Labor politician left school at 13, became a boxer, was fighting World War II in Timor on his 21st birthday, spent his next three birthdays as a prisoner of the Japanese, including on the infamous Burma-Thailand railway, and saw the sky change colour over Nagasaki after the atom bomb was dropped. He became a minister in the Whitlam and Hawke governments, deputy leader of the federal Labor Party, and was largely responsible for the creation of the National Estate, protecting large areas of Glebe and Woolloomooloo from developers, and decentralisation to Albury Wodonga. Believing that one of the greatest advances of the 20th century was the new understanding of humankind’s impact on the environment, he campaigned long after leaving Canberra for saving wilderness areas and the Sydney Harbour foreshores.

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