Extremely Fatigued (Coll)

Extremely fatigued (coll) crossword clue, 11 letters. A crossword question in Daily Telegraph Sydney on Saturday, 16 September 2017

The answer: Bushwhacked

Extremely fatigued in example

I get extremely fatigued after exercise. Is this normal? I have always suffered a fair amount of fatigue after excersise, I would say far more than most people, It can be so bad that I often will not be fit for anything the next day. This is not from doing anything special, maybe 30 mins light workout at the gym and the walk there and back.

I also find the same if I say do physical work for more than a couple of hours, say decorating or gardening. I am over weight but not obese and apparently have nothing wrong with me medicaly speaking, in fact the doctor had the cheek to tell me I was probably hyperventilating even though this fatigue is not of the breathless type by any means, just extreme tiredness.

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