Expanse of Natural Scenery

Expanse of natural scenery crossword clue. 9 letters. UK Daily Express small crossword on Friday, 6 Oct 2017.


Expanse of natural scenery in sentence

One of Hualien’s famous delicacies are the small, bite-size wontons with a delicious aroma and delectable taste. After lunch, it’s time to board the train and head to Taitung. The Tiehua Music Village was developed around an abandoned train station. It is the perfect place at night for enjoying music, taking a walk, shopping for culture and creative products or visiting bookstores.
Taitung Forest Park & Pipa Lake. Located close to the banks of the Beinan River, the Forest Park and Pipa Lake offer a large expanse of natural scenery. We recommend renting a bicycle for a leisurely morning before having lunch at the city center and enjoying some tasty short rice noodles.

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