Exclamation of Repugnance Crossword Clue

Exclamation of repugnance crossword clue. A daily big one crossword puzzle question in Daily Telegraph Sydney on Wednesday, 12 July 2017. 3 letters.

Answer: UGH

UGH is “Expression of disappointment or disgust”. Used to describe disgust or boredom. Ugh is a sound of disappointment or really not happy with something…. as in

1. Feeling unhappy or tired
2. A word you use to express that you are bored
3. Being unsatisfyed after any given situation
1. Betty: “How are you today Bob?”
Bob: “Ugh.”
2. “There is NOTHING to do today! Its dreary and rainy outside and im so UGH!”
3. Betty: “…so then he just walked away like it was all MY fault and i didnt know what to do after that… it was just… ugh”

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