Exactly At a Particular Time

Exactly at a particular time crossword clue, 8 letters, 3 words (2,3,3). Daily Mail UK quick crossword on 17 October 2017.

The solver: ON THE DOT

Exactly at a particular time in sentence

Acceptance, after offering and creating the specified letter of intent, the offer should be accepted. Other than that, if the offer is being accepted exactly at a particular time, according to the American Bar, the acceptance after that certain time frame will no longer be valid. Legality – needless to say, the the agreement should be legitimate and bounded by law for the most obvious reasons.Capacity of the Parties – Any contract by a party lacking capacity is void. If a party is mentally incompetent but has not been adjudicated an incompetent, the contract is voidable depending on the mental attitude of the person at the time the contract was executed.

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