Exacting Experience Crossword Clue

Exacting experience crossword clue. A daily mail UK quick crossword on 16 Oct 2016, 6 letters.

Answer: ORDEAL

Exacting experience crossword clue in sentence

For more than forty years, I was the principal preacher in congregations I was privileged to serve. As is customary, the pastoral prayer was assigned to other staff members. With retirement a decade ago and an invitation to become part of staff at First United Methodist Church in Bloomington, Indiana, the role was reversed. I preach less and pray more. It as been an exciting and exacting experience. I found myself testing my choice of words, my theological beliefs, and even my understanding of the nature of prayer itself. Writing prayers to e used in public worship was foreign to the tradition in which I was raised. “What kind of preacher can’t just pray? If he needs to write down, he can’t be too spiritual!”

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