Enrol in The Armed Services

Enrol in the armed services crossword clue. A daily mail newspaper crossword today, Monday 24 July 2017. 6 letters.

The answer: ENLIST


But in accordance both with the growing tendency to separate command and administration and with the desire to enlist local sympathies and utilize local resources, “associations,” partly of civilian, partly of military members, were formed in every county and charged by statute with all matters relating to the enlistment, service and discharge of the county’s quota in the force, finance (other than pay, &c. in camp), buildings, ownership of regimental property, &c. To these duties of county associations are added that of supervising and administering cadet corps of all sorts (other than officers’ training corps), and that of providing the extra horses required on mobilization, not only by the territorial force, but by the expeditionary force as well.

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