Emerge Successfully Crossword

Emerge successfully crossword clue. 11 letters(4,7). A quick question found in Daily Mail newspaper on 14 Sep 2017.

The answer: COME THROUGH

Emerge successfully example

Stephanie asked several questions about my perceptions of correctional officers, or guards who take a sincere interest in helping prisoners emerge successfully. During the 21 years that I have served, I have interacted with many, many people who pursued careers with the prison system. Although the system itself is designed in such a way to extinguish hope, I’ve known many people who worked in prisons yet lived with more noble aspirations. While I was confined in a high-security penitentiary, for example, I created a niche for myself by finding the right job. I worked in an office of the prison factory. My staff supervisor was a wonderful human being. She understood that I was striving to educate myself.

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