Easy scoring chance

what is an easy scoring chance called? Daily Mail Quick Crossword 3 May 2017. 6 letters

The answer is SITTER.

A glossary of cricket terms

Sitter The easiest, most innocuous and undroppable catch that a fielder can ever receive. To drop one of these is to invite a whole world of pain from the crowd and constant embarrassment from the giant replay screen (see dolly).

Sledging Not the act of travelling downhill at speed on a toboggan, but the act of verbally abusing or unsettling a batsman, in an attempt to make him lose concentration and give his wicket away. Often offensive, occasionally amusing, always a topic of conversation

Slog – Used to describe a shot which is not in the coaching book

Slogger – Exponent of the slog

Slog-sweep – A heave to the leg side, played like the sweep, but a lofted shot

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