Drinks by Taking Small Mouthfuls

Drinks by taking small mouthfuls. A Daily Mail UK quick crossword clue last seen on 25 Aug 2017. 4 letters

Answer: SIPS

Drinks by taking small mouthfuls in sentences

The Earl of Dorchester owned a magnificent stallion named Cruiser, sired by Venison and dammed by Little Red Rover in 1852. The Earl’s horse was a large dark bay mixed with black and stood 16 hands high. At age two, Cruiser was said to have been the fastest horse in England but was too unruly to race. Cruiser was famous for his foul temper. The great stallion was vicious from the start. He would go to his knees and tear at the ground with his teeth; he once tore an iron bar in half with his teeth. Cruiser killed two grooms during one frenzy; after that, while one groom fed the horse, others would hold the horse’s chains while another stood by with a gun in case the beast got loose.

Cruiser would kick and scream in his stall for ten minutes at a time. Few would go near the stallion. Kept in an enclosed brick stall with a solid oak door, Cruiser wore an eight-pound iron muzzle for three years with an iron bar in front so that he could only eat or drinks by taking small mouthfuls with his tongue. Horsemen considered Cruiser unbreakable. Cruiser was the challenge the Earl of Dorchester and the English racing writer Argus had in mind for Rarey. Rarey accepted.

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