Division of a Railway Carriage

Division of a railway carriage. A Daily Mail UK crossword clue puzzle question on 31 Aug 2017. 11 letters


Division of a railway carriage crossword clue in sentence

If such of these petitioners were allowed to sit in the papers in which they have failed treating it to be a compartmental examination, then by understanding the word “compartmental” in common parlance as well as the various regulations relating to examination they have to be treated to have passed the examination with the batch of 2004 or first attempters. They cannot be treated to have passed the examination in second attempt by any interpretation.

The word “Compartment” has been defined in the Chambers Dictionary, New Edition, as under: “Partitioned off or marked off division of an enclosed space or area; a closed off division of a railway carriage; a division of anything – v.t. compart (rare) – to divide into parts – n. compartmentalization-compartmentalize or ise – to divide into categories or into units, especially units with little intercommunication – adv.

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