Directly Opposite in Tendency

Directly opposite in tendency crossword clue. 5 letters. A quick question found in Daily Express newspaper on 13 Sep 2017.

The answer: POLAR

Directly opposite in tendency example

India, through its whole length and breadth, is now passing through a transition stage. Everything in it is in a state of revolution. The West is being mingled with the East, and no two streams of civilisation more diverse in character or more directly opposite in tendency ever met together. If we think over the great ruling ideas, moral, political, and social, which give the character that it possesses to our western civilisation–our belief in progress, our sense of self-reliance and individual responsibility, our public spirit, our patriotism, our regard for fixed forms of law and justice, our idea of chivalry and respect for women, our sense of man’s sovereignty over nature, our determination to make her do our will–and ask what place these hold in the East, we find them conspicuous by their absence.

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