Die First Crossword Clue

Die first crossword clue. A quick clue crossword question in Daily Telegraph Sydney newspaper on Saturday, 22 July 2017. 10 letters.

Answer: Predecease

Sentence Examples

– He died on the 12th of December 1751, his wife having predeceased him in 1750.
– Another daughter was the wife of Charles III., king of Spain, but she predeceased her father.
– After his death, his son Philip having predeceased him (1298), Artois was adjudged to his daughter Mahaut, or Matilda, as against her nephew Robert, son of Philip, who attempted to support his claim to the countship by forged titles.
– Wurttemberg, three sons, all of whom predeceased him.
– In 1593 he married the wealthy Sophia Mielecka, by whom he had one son who predeceased him.

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