Desire to Do Crossword Clue

Desire to do crossword clue. A quick crossword from Daily Mail London on 6 September 2017. 10 letters


Desire to do in sentence

Overriding nearly all of these descriptions was a stated desire to do politics differently. Few were happy with the status quo. For many MPs, this desire to approach public life in a new way echoed sentiments expressed when describing their motivations for running in the first place.

Many articulated a concern that the system was moving in the wrong direction and that politics were shifting away from citizens. “I ran on an unofficial platform but one that was very clear to me. It consisted of what I was hearing over and over again at the doorstep: ‘If we elect you, we want you to take our message to Ottawa, and not the other way around.’ That reflected, I think, the concern that the previous government simply didn’t listen,” one MP said.

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