Curt or Casual in Manner

What’s curt or casual in manner clues in crossword? The answer is OFFHAND.

adjective: offhand; adjective: off-hand; adjective: offhanded
1. ungraciously or offensively nonchalant or cool in manner.
Example: “his offhand way of talking”
synonyms offhand: casual, careless, uninterested, unconcerned, indifferent, cool, nonchalant, blasé, aloof, insouciant, cavalier, glib, perfunctory, cursory, unceremonious, ungracious, dismissive, discourteous, uncivil, impolite, terse, abrupt, curt

adverb: offhand; adverb: off-hand
1. without previous thought or consideration.
Example: “I can’t think of a better answer offhand”

Historical Examples

In this off-hand manner of constituting a Parliament, we detect the mingled daring of the Puritan and the Soldier.
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 61, No. 378, April, 1847

He tried to speak in an off-hand manner, as though it was a usual thing to do.
Tales of Space and Time, Herbert George Wells

Then he took her hand, in order to appear kind and to deal with the matter in an off-hand way.
Geoffrey Hampstead, Thomas Stinson Jarvis

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