Cricket Extra

CRICKET EXTRA crossword clue, 3 letters.
The answers is BYE

Types of extra in Cricket
No ball
An umpire may call a No Ball when the bowler or fielder commits an illegal action during bowling. A no ball is entered in a batsman’s scorecard as a ball faced.

A ball being delivered too far from the batsman to strike it, provided that no part of the batsman’s body or equipment touches the ball, is known as a wide.

If the ball is not struck by the batsman’s bat (nor connects with any part of the batsman’s body) the batsmen may still run if they choose. If the ball reaches the boundary, whether or not the batsmen ran, four byes are awarded. Any runs scored are tallied separately on the scorecard and do not count towards the batsman’s individual score.

If the ball hits the batsman’s body, then provided the batsman is not out leg before wicket (lbw) and the batsman either tried to avoid being hit or tried to hit the ball with the bat, the batsmen may run. In this case, regardless of the part of anatomy touched by the ball, the runs scored are known as leg-byes. If (with the same provisos) the ball reaches the boundary, whether or not the batsmen ran, then four leg-byes are awarded.

Penalty runs
As well as the runs scored as penalties for no balls and wides, since the changes to the laws in 2000, 25–30 penalty runs may be awarded for rarer breaches of the laws.

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