Contrive with Evil Purpose

Contrive with evil purpose crossword clue. A big one crossword puzzle question last seen in The Courier-Mail on 31 Augustus 2017. 9 letters


Example of contrive with evil purpose crossword clue

Magus-“The Propagation”-Greed- The train of thought I had was this. Propagation= high numbers. Wanting to have lots of something= Greed. Not sure if that made sense, but think about it. Fidchell- “The Prophet”-Sloth- If you can see what will happen in the future you can do tasks with the minimal amount of energy and effort right? So I came up with Sloth for Fidchell. Plus, Yata never moves from the Serpent of Lore…

Gorre-“The Machinator”-Envy- To machinate is to contrive with evil purpose. And most would do this out of envy. Like how Saku plots against Haseo out of envy of Haseo’s ability to take Endrance’s love.

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