Come Into View as From Obscurity

Come into view as from obscurity crossword clue. 6 letters. A quick crossword in Daily Mirror UK on 20 Sep 2017.

Answer: EMERGE

Come into view, as from obscurity in sentence

As is often the case in literary history, the “large” and “showy” seems at first “brilliant” and gets all the attention, but, as the road safety slogan reminds us, “une voiture peut en cacher une autre”—one car may obscure the view of another. It certainly seems true that in literary history, the “brilliant” Alfred de Musset has obscured the more “indefatigable” George Sand. Partly, then, this article is about how previously obscured objects may suddenly come into view, as from obscurity but it is also about how one reading may obscure another, and the need for vigilance in not assuming that the first thing that hoves into view is the only thing.

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