Clumsy and/or Unlucky Crossword

Clumsy and/or unlucky crossword clue. A daily quick crossword clue and the answer in The Press, New Zealand newspaper on Monday, 24 July 2017. 13 letters, 2 words (8,5). Also appear in The Dominion Post newspaper.

The answer is ACCIDENT PRONE

“Accident-prone” means one suffers a greater number of accidents than normal. Researchers are trying to discover if there is a certain type of person who is accident-prone.

A few studies reveal a few clues. A French team of public health researchers, led by Dr G C Gauchard of the WHO Collaborative Centre in the Faculty of Medicine at the Henri Poincare University in Nancy, attempted to identify the determinants of accident-proneness. They studied 2,610 French railway workers and reported their findings in the 1 February 2006 issue of Occupational Medicine.

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