Workers'' Group 5 5 Crossword Clue

Latest updated: 24-05-2023
Below are possible answer for quick crossword clue: workers'' group 5 5. We have 7 answers for workers'' group 5 5 in our database.

Possible answers to workers'' group 5 5

- Workers’ group

- Workers’ group (5,5)
- An organized combination among workmen for the purpose of maintaining their rights, privileges, and interests with respect to wages, hours of labor, customs, etc.

- Member of a trade body
- Ulster political party
- Workers' group members
- Workers’ group member
- One who advocates or promotes union; especially a loyal supporter of a federal union, as that of the United States.
- A member or supporter of a trades union.

- Shop stewards
- Workers' group members
- Workers’ group members

- Body of employees
- Group of workers
- Staff
- Workforce
- The body of persons employed in some public service, as the army, navy, etc.; -- distinguished from materiel.

- Crew
- Cricket squad
- Group of footballers
- Group of players
- Group of workers
- On-field line-up
- One side

- boat race team
- Bosun’s subordinates
- Company
- Craft staff
- Gang
- Group of workers
- Rowing team

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