Stated Crossword Clue

Latest updated: 02-01-2021
Below are possible answer for quick crossword clue: stated. We have 5 answers for stated in our database.

Possible answers to stated

- Expressed an opinion, e.g.
- spoke up
- Stated
- of Voice
- Furnished with a voice; expressed by the voice.
- Uttered with voice; pronounced with vibrations of the vocal cords; sonant; -- said of a sound uttered with the glottis narrowed.

- Said former lover was pushy?
- Stated
- Uttered
- of Express

- Blurted out
- Claimed
- Declared
- Expressed verbally
- Mentioned
- Mentioned small benefit
- Mentioned Suez Canal port

- Avouched
- Declared positively
- Insisted upon creating a dessert
- Insisted upon trifling with a dessert
- Stated boldly
- Stated firmly
- of Assert

- Additional
- Attached some notepad deductions
- Attached some widespread deductions
- Contributed
- Contributed to some sad dedications
- Included
- Stated further

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