Sound Hollow Crossword Clue

Latest updated: 20-06-2024
Today's crossword clue is a general crossword: sound hollow . We have 8 answers for sound hollow in our database.

Possible answers to sound hollow

- Explosive
- Explosive device
- Grenade
- Missile
- Nuclear weapon
- Splash-making jump
- A great noise; a hollow sound.

- Cycle of prosperity; ... and bust
- Low resounding noise
- Movie lot's ... mic
- Period of great prosperity
- Prosperous period
- Sound barrier crash noise, sonic ...
- Sound of an explosion

- A sow.
- A small drain; an adit.
- The sound produced by soughing; a hollow murmur or roaring.
- Hence, a vague rumor or flying report.
- A cant or whining mode of speaking, especially in preaching or praying.
- To whistle or sigh, as the wind.

- Empty
- Empty inside
- Not solid
- Vaucous
- Wholehearted, depressed and insincere
- With an empty space inside
- Having an empty space or cavity, natural or artificial, within a solid substance; not solid; excavated in the interior; as, a hollow tree; a hollow sphere.

- Of or pertaining to burial, to the grave, or to monuments erected to the memory of the dead; as, a sepulchral stone; a sepulchral inscription.
- Unnaturally low and grave; hollow in tone; -- said of sound, especially of the voice.

- Prospering rapidly
- of Boom
- Rushing with violence; swelling with a hollow sound; making a hollow sound or note; roaring; resounding.
- Advancing or increasing amid noisy excitement; as, booming prices; booming popularity.
- The act of producing a hollow or roaring sound; a violent rushing with heavy roar; as, the booming of the sea; a deep, hollow sound; as, the booming of bitterns.

- A ringer
- Alexander Graham ...
- Chime
- Chime in rebelliously
- Gong
- Percussion instrument
- Ringing instrument

- Roar
- Roar like a bull
- Shout loudly
- To make a hollow, loud noise, as an enraged bull.
- To bowl; to vociferate; to clamor.
- To roar; as the sea in a tempest, or as the wind when violent; to make a loud, hollow, continued sound.
- To emit with a loud voice; to shout; -- used with out.

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