Act Of Making Crossword Clue

Latest updated: 29-01-2020
Below are possible answer for general crossword clue: act of making. We have 10 answers for act of making in our database.

Possible answers to act of making

- Act of making
- Conception
- Development
- Handiwork
- Invention
- Process of bringing something into existence
- Strange reaction to Genesis

- act of making known
- The act of notifying, or giving notice; the act of making known; especially, the act of giving official notice or information to the public or to individuals, corporations, companies, or societies, by words, by writing, or by other means.
- Notice given in words or writing, or by signs.
- The writing which communicates information; an advertisement, or citation, etc.

- Abatement
- Act of making amends
- Conciliation
- Mollification
- Pacification
- Satisfaction
- The act of appeasing, or the state of being appeased; pacification.

- Act of making amends

- A body of laws enacted
- Bills passed into law
- Enactment
- Law
- Law-making
- Parliamentary acts
- Process of making laws

- Pipe length
- Pipes
- surgical tube connecting to oxygen tank
- of Tube
- The act of making tubes.
- A series of tubes; tubes, collectively; a length or piece of a tube; material for tubes; as, leather tubing.

- Last domestic inclined towards housework
- Laundering
- of Clean
- The act of making clean.
- The afterbirth of cows, ewes, etc.

- Evacuating
- Making depleted hemp head; removed tying
- Vacating
- of Empty
- The act of making empty.
- The lees of beer, cider, etc.; yeast.

- The act of making blind.

- Sugar-coating
- of Sweeten
- The act of making sweet.
- That which sweetens.

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