Club That Opens Late

Club that opens late crossword clue. A daily puzzle question found in The Courier-Mail newspaper on 7 Sep 2017. 9 letters.


Example of club that opens late

If this was America I would have the prick TSA greeter and the “bouncer tuff” on the ground with at least one broken bone in 2.3 seconds. Since it’s CR and I don’t want get stuck in a foreign country I endured the humiliation for some play. Even the hookers are robbed by Beetle Bar, but I met a really nice one.

If at all possible stay away from Beetle Bar and catch some women at Cocal. There is some club that opens late and a young guy can get laid there easily. It looked like a lot of fun. Have Fun in Jaco. I always do, and I would have a blast if the cops looked the other way when I show the employees of Beetle Bar some humility.

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