Clever and Perceptive

Clever and perceptive crossword clue, 6 letters. A Daily Mail UK crossword question on Monday, 25 Sep 2017.

The solver: SURFBOARD

Clever and perceptive in sentence

One thing that might be said for the philosopher’s project is that even if it leads a philosopher astray–even if Kant was in fact dead wrong–we can hope that over time, his mistakes will be discovered and clarified by other smart, perceptive philosophers. The old man had only one life over which to earn his wisdom. But if we, like Kant, make our reasoning clear to others, maybe the result is knowledge that no one person, however clever and perceptive, could have attained alone. It is consistent to believe both that living a rich and non-academic life is the surest way to knowledge of ethical truths, and that the best hope for people in general ultimately to attain knowledge about ethics is for there to be an ongoing enterprise of philosophical theorizing.

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