Catch, Clasp Crossword

Catch, clasp. 4 letters. Daily mail quick crossword last seen today, 15 Aug 2017.

The answer: HOOK

Catch, clasp Example

This sterling silver magnetic catch clasp is easy to use and features a twist-lock design for an extra secure closure. To use the clasp, connect the halves at a 90-degree angle from one another, listen for the “click” and then rotate the fixed rings until they are opposite one another. To extend the life of your designs, grasp both halves of the clasp when removing it instead of tugging on the bracelet or necklace itself. A magnetic clasp is a two-part clasp with a magnet in each part that holds securely, yet opens and closes easily—ideal for those who have difficulty using regular clasps. To help prevent loss, care should be taken to ensure that the jewelry piece is not heavier than the clasp can support.

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