Carry or Accompany to a Place

Carry or accompany to a place crossword clue, 5 letters. Daily Mail UK quick crossword

Answer: BRING

Carry or accompany to a place in sentence

I for one was highly anticipated to visit the place since one of my friends who had visited the place had high praises for the beauty but the one thing he missed on was how the place lacks information and without a proper guide, the place is a bunch of ruins and cenotaphs on display. It is better to have someone with you who could actually guide you and tell the stories that bring accompany to a place like this or the least you could do is read up a bit on the place. The place is actually a collection of cenotaphs of the royal families and that is why it is sad how none of them have information on them but nevertheless the place is beautiful and a good spot in Udaipur to watch the beauty and relax a bit .

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