British Boys’ College

British boys’ college crossword clue, 4 letters. A puzzle question last seen in The Courier-Mail quick crossword on Friday 8 Sep 2017.

The answer: ETON

British boys’ college in sentence

I never hesitated to mention Wenzu Gabaretta as my choice. I am sure that many who have seen him in action will agree with me. Gabaretta was born in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1917. His parents, who were Maltese emigrants, wanted their son to study law.

When he was 13, he was enrolled in the British Boys’ College and stayed there for a year when the sudden death of his father forced him to abandon his studies. Gabaretta originally played at centre-forward but pre­ferred to play in goal and, on leaving the college, he joined Melita FC, of Alexandria, as a goalkeeper.

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