Association of Sports Clubs

Association of sports clubs crossword clue. A quick clue found in Daily Mail UK newspaper on 1 Sep 2017. 6 letter.

The answer: LEAGUE

Association of sports clubs in sentence

Danske Gymnastik- & Idrætsforeninger (DGI) is a Danish association of sports clubs which includes 6,300 local sports clubs and 1.5 million athletes. DGI was formed in November 1992 as a merger of “De Danske Gymnastik- og Ungdomsforeninger” (DDGU) and “De Danske Skytte-, Gymnastik- og Idrætsforeninger” (DDSG & I). Having had an association agreement for several years, De Danske Skytteforeninger (DDS) was also merged with DGI in January 2013.

DGI has traditionally had a much greater focus on recreational sports in contrast to the National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark, having Artistic gymnastics as their main business. Gradually, however, other sports such as badminton, football, handball and swimming also has grown into a sizable share of DGI’s business.

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