Asian Spiced Rice Dish Crossword

Asian spiced rice dish crossword clue. A big one Daily Telegraph crossword question on Wednesday, 28 June 2017. 5 letters. Also appear in other Australia newspaper: Herald Sun and The Courier-Mail.

Answer: PILAF

Pilaf is a dish in which rice is cooked in a seasoned broth. In some cases, the rice may attain its brown or golden colour by first being sauteed lightly in oil before the addition of broth. Cooked onion, other vegetables as well as a mix of spices may be added. Depending on the local cuisine, it may also contain meat, fish, vegetables, pasta, and dried fruits.

Pilaf and similar dishes are common to Balkan, Middle Eastern, Caucasian, Central and South Asian, East African, Latin American and Caribbean cuisines.

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