Ascertains the Size of

Ascertains the size of. Daily Express newspaper small crossword on Saturday, 2 Sep 2017. 8 letters.


Ascertains the size of in sentence

Wherein the length dimension of each bar corresponds to the width of a column for the number of columns indicated by the set-identifying indicia for its respective set and for the size of the page as indicated by the bar-identifying indicia for the respective bar;

Whereby a user who wishes to layout material to be printed on a page decides how many columns of printed material per page he wishes to have, chooses the particular elongated-bar set on the marker corresponding to said number of columns per page, ascertains the size of the page on which he wishes to print material, chooses the particular elongated bar in said particular elongated bar set corresponding to that size page, and uses said particular elongated bar to layout columns on the page.

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