Arctic native synonim

The Lapps – the Indigenous People of Lapland

The Lapps is the only indigenous people living in the northern parts of Finland, Norway, Sweden and Russia.

In Four Countries

The Sami people is a people living in four countries. They live in:

  • in the northern regions of Finland
  • the northern parts of Norway
  • the inner parts of northern Sweden
  • the Kola peninsula in northern Russia

The Lapps call themselves “the Sami”. And the whole area where the Lapps live, is called “Sapmi” (the land of the Sami). Lapps from Finnish Lapland
How many Lapps are there?
Altogether there are around 70.000 Lapps in these four countries:
in Finland about 6.000
in Norway about 42.000
in Sweden about 20.000
in Russia about 2.000
Who Is a Lapp (Sami)?

There is no clear definition of what a Sami is. But according to Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish law in connection with Sami parliament elections, you are a Sami, and you can vote if :

1. you consider yourself a Sami.
2. have Sami as your mother tongue
3. your parents or grandparents must have had Sami as their mother tongue.

Arctic native is LAPP

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