Anger, Bitterness Crossword Clue

Anger, bitterness crossword clue. 4 letters. A Daily Express UK quick crossword question on 31 Augustus 2017.

The answer: BILE

Example of Anger, bitterness crosword clue

I don’t forgive people who haven’t apologized for what they’ve done and who haven’t changed their behaviors that hurt me and others. I remove myself as best I can from such people. I will not share my life with them. And that means too that I will not dwell on their harm. They don’t get to exist in my mind anymore – and it does take time and practice to exorcise them… But I don’t forgive them, if they haven’t asked for forgiveness and changed.

Jane we don’t forgive people for them – we forgive them for our own well-being – because hanging on to anger, bitterness and hurt aren’t good for us. It really has nothing to do with them.

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