Alternative Way in or Out

Alternative way in or out crossword clue. A daily quick crossword that appear in Dominion Post newspaper on today, 27 July 2017. 8 letters (4,4)

The answer: SIDE DOOR

synonym: back entrance, back stairs, back way, escape hatch, indirect access, means of entry, secretive or illicit method.

The Side-door or Secret Door was a secret entrance to the Dwarven kingdom of the Lonely Mountain located on the western side of the mountain, from a shelf on the outside. It opened on to a long tunnel that led down to the Bottommost Cellar.

The Side-door was made as if to look like a rock face on the mountain and didn’t look like a natural rock surface and all indications were that it was a constructed thing. Instead, its surface was flat and smooth and there were no signs that it was a door at all. The door was five feet high with a keyhole about three feet from the ground

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