Almond Icing for Fruit Cake

Almond icing for fruit cake crossword clue. 8 letters. Daily Telegraph NSW newspaper big puzzle question found on Monday, 25 September 2017.

The solver: MARZIPAN

Almond icing for fruit cake example

Learn how to carve a cake (and we’ll tell you how to make truffles with the off-cuts – a perfect gift!), ganache and cover an unusual shape, and how to model sleeping Santa and his Reindeer, as well as make your own fondant sleigh.

You will need to bring:
– A round cake (We recommend an 8″/20cm round – fruit cake is fine)
– One packet WHITE Bakels Pettinice fondant, one packet BROWN Bakels Pettinice fondant, and one packet RED Bakels Pettinice fondant (You will have leftovers)
– Your favourite chocolate buttercream or ganache or almond icing for fruit cake.
– A 12″ round cake board (You will need a larger board if going with a larger cake)
Everything else is provided for this class

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