Alight from a Coach

Alight from a coach. 5 letters. A Herald Sun big one crossword puzzle question on 18 Augustus 2017.

The answer: DEBUS

Alight from a coach in sentence

“Most of the men caught for looting cellphones or cash from commuters are drug users.They are hooked to brown sugar, mephedrone or whitener and need to make Rs 1,000-2,000 per day to fund their addiction.Besides blades, they could carry pen knives or cigarette lighters.They may even use the weapon to injure themselves so as to avert a conviction,“ a senior RPF official said.

The RPF has now issued an advisory for commuters to keep a check on their belongings every time they board or alight from a coach and not brandish their phones or valuables while standing at the entrance of the compartment.

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