Add Numbers Together Crossword Clue

Add numbers together crossword clue, 5 letters(3,2). UK Daily Mail quick crossword on 11 October 2017.

Answer: TOT UP

Add numbers together crossword clue in sentence

How can I check the correct answer if my answer was wrong? Thanks! The code block below includes a third-party library that makes available a simple object that adds two numbers together. (There are better and easier ways to add numbers together in PHP; this is just an example.) The code then creates an object, specifies two numbers, and adds them together. Which of the following is a “method”? include “inc/class.adder.php”;

$my_summer = new Adder();
$my_summer->number1 = 2;
$my_summer->number2 = 3;
echo $my_summer->doAdder(); Witch answer is right?

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