Actors in a Play or Film

Actors in a play or film crossword clue. A quick clue found in Daily Mail UK newspaper on 1 Sep 2017. 4 letter.

The answer: PART

Actors in a play or film in sentence

Though still with dots for eyes like Little Orphan Annie or Tintin, these uncommon portraits are in marked contrast to Ware’s preference for small, simplified heads, often from behind, as if to leave their features and feelings to our imaginations.

These occasional portraits mark a change in Building Stories by allowing us to engage with Ware’s characters at emotionally charged points in greater detail and realism, lessening their iconic remoteness. Oddly, for a cartoonist whose stated goal is to make readers feel, Ware rarely spotlights expressions on faces, as if all the actors in a play or film spent most of their time facing away from the audience.

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