Acquired Without Trouble Crossword Clue

Acquired without trouble crossword clue. Daily Mail UK quick crossword on 29 Aug 2017. 8 letters (2,1,5)

Answer: ON A PLATE

Example of acquired without trouble

It is a great nuisance that knowledge cannot be acquired without trouble. It can only be acquired by hard work. It would be fine if we could swallow the powder of profitable information made palatable by the jam of fiction. But the truth is that, so made palatable, we cannot be sure that the powder will be profitable. I suggest to you that the knowledge the novelist imparts is (ㄱ) and thus (ㄴ) and it is better not to know a thing at all than to know it in a distorted fashion. If readers wish to inform themselves of the pressing problems of the day, they will do better to read, not novels but the books that specifically deal with them. I suggest to you that it is enough for a novelist to be a good novelist. It is unnecessary for him to be a prophet, a politician or a leader of thought

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