Aboriginal Direction-Marker

Aboriginal direction-marker. 3 letters. The Courier-Mail Australia big one crossword clue on 29 Aug 2017.

Answer: TOA

Example of Aboriginal direction-marker

Toa meaning a noun an Aboriginal direction marker, usually made of gypsum, wood and feathers and stuck in the ground to indicate the destination of a departing group to anyone following.

Retracing our steps we climbed onto the tableland above the pool, and it was obvious that others had been there before us. A large slab of timber had long ago been removed from the trunk of a mulga tree to be made into a spear thrower. A short distance away was a large flat stone which had been placed in an upright position, an Aboriginal direction-marker, used as a pointer to indicate water or possibly some sacred object. A few metres further along was a peculiar grinding base plate, with the usual depression in the centre caused by the action of the grinder itself. What was so interesting about that particular plate were

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