Able to be Bought Back

Able to be bought back crossword clue. A quick clue in Daily Telegraph quick crossword on 9 Sept 2017, 5 letters.

The answer: REDEEMABLE

Example of able to be bought back

I recently bought an equipment item from the store (bow), which not 30 seconds later I realized I did not need it (did not equip it at all). I attempted to sell it back to the RIFT Store, when I realized that there was not a buyback option like on vendors, which in turn equipped the item. Talking chat, someone said I could sell it back to a Vendor, so I tried that to no avail. I am now out ~900 credits, and opened an in-game ticket that was just dismissed. I understand the equipping part, but honestly, an equipment item should be able to be bought back for credits within a 5 minute window. I highly doubt you will buy a weapon and or gear, and only use it for 5 minutes and to “work the system”.

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